Rules and Regulations

  1. English will be spoken at all times in the school premises.
  2. All should be punctual for class. No one who has been absent or being shall be admitted to the class without the signature of the Principal/Class Teacher on the Regularity Record.
  3. Wearing of school uniform in the class and P.T uniform for P.T and games is compulsory for all the classes. Wearing of colourful jackets weaters and fancy accessories, rings, belts, etc. is prohibited.
  4. Goods once confiscated by the school authorities will be returned.
  5. Use of cellular phone by the students is strictly prohibited in the school campus and confiscated sets will not be returned. If the mobile phone is brought to school for any reason the mobile phone must be handed over to the Principal before the assembly is conducted.
  6. Parents/Guardians are expected to accept, respect and abide by the disciplinary measures taken by the school authorities.
  7. Parents/Guardians are urged to inculcate in their sons/wards a taste for prayer, a sense of the Divine and a life of moral values.
  8. Use of filthy and abusive words or slang in any language or misbehavior or conduct through words or action to fellow students is intolerable.
  9. It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, blackboards, chairs & tables or throw paper or ink in and around the classroom or in any manner that may cause damage to the school property. The cost of repairs will be charged to the students responsible for the damage.
  10. Management reserves the right to increase the ‘Total fees’ without prior notice. However, such a move will be done only at the beginning of an academic year.
  11. The Principal can without assigning any reason, ask a parent/ guardian to withdraw their ward from the Institution, should it be considered that the student’s conduct, behavior or influence to be in any way detrimental to the interest of the Institution. In such cases, the entire amount of fees paid during the academic year shall be forfeited, irrespective of the date of such expulsion.
  12. Imprint of tattoo(s) on any part of the body is strictly prohibited.
  13. Bunking or staying away from the classes, repeated late arrivals, late arrival or failure to join on the reporting day after vacations and holidays, long duration of absence without proper permission and absence from classes without a proper leave application signed by parents is a serious offence.
  14. Day scholars should not leave the School Premises during the break time without the permission from the Principal.
  15. Parents/ Guardians are expected to meet the Principal whenever called by the Principal.
  16. Students being absent for two or more consecutive days are required to bring a medical Certificate before joining classes.
  17. Students will have to clear all the school/ hostel fees before leaving the school irrespective of the date of leaving. Students will have to clear the school fees/ hostel fees for the whole year even if they have been asked to leave the school due to misconduct.
  18. Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all the fees are cleared and application should be submitted by the Parents/ Guardians requesting for the same.
  19. Haircut of boys should be proper and according to the school rules. Girls are to clip their hair. Hair should not cover the eyes. Girls are to pleat their hair.
  20. Students caught taking Dendrite, Tobacco, Cigarettes or any other intoxicants will be expelled immediately from the school and the hostel.
  21. Students should maintain discipline both inside and outside the school. Day scholars are to go home straight after school. Students loitering in the road after school will be dealt with sternly.
  22. Senior students should not bully smaller children or use or eat any of their things.
  23. Parents/ Guardians wishing to meet the teachers of the school will be allowed only after permission is granted from the Principal. No gifts or favours are to be given to the teachers without the knowledge of the Principal.
  24. Monthly fees for the months of November, December and January of the following year are to be paid in the month of November.
  25. Fees once paid will not be refunded on any ground.
  26. Chewing gums and cold drinks are not allowed in the school.
  27. Rules and regulations may be changed or added from time to time without prior notification.
  28. Girls are not permitted to use make-up, nail polish, coloured clips, coloured hair bands, fancy earnings, etc.