Rules and Regulations

  1. Any child found leaving the school campus without permission from the concerned authorities for any reasons will be charged a penalty of Rs. 10,000 /- and will be recorded in his/her personal file as well. This will be observed strictly as it concerns the security of the child. The school will be responsible for any student leaving the hostel without permission.
  2. Any sort of answering the back, quarrelling with the caretakers of the hostel, will not be tolerated, the student will be asked to leave the hostel and the school immediately.
  3. The child should return to the hostel on a prescribed date and time mentioned. Defaults will be suspended from class.
  4. The child should have sufficient set of Uniforms as prescribed by the school.
  5. Minor illness will be taken care of by the school authorities.
  6. Any child found bringing Mobile Phone will be charged a penalty of Rs. 5000/- and the confiscated phone will not be returned.
  7. Installment of fees should be paid in time or else a penalty of Rs. 500/- per day shall be charged.
  8. Visit by Parents will be on the notified date after permission from the Principal. Parents/ Guardians coming to meet the child without prior permission from the Principal will not be entertained.
  9. Studies being the ultimate duty of the boarders, they should study loudly during study hours and give oral and written answers after completion of each chapter.
  10. School property should be handled properly. If any school property is damaged and nobody owns up, equal fine will be imposed on all the times.
  11. Tucks should be brought in limited quantity.
  12. No money should be given to the students. Tucks will be provided from the personal expenses to the students once in a month.
  13. Students will bring limited casual/formal dress as they will be provided with the hostel uniform.
  14. Any boarder wishing to come as a day scholar will not be allowed.
  15. Boarders leaving the school in the middle of the session, will have to clear all the three installments irrespective of the date of their leaving.
  16. Boarders are not allowed to send any message or buy things from the day scholars.
  17. Perfumes and hair gel will not be allowed in the hostel.
  18. Names or hostel numbers should be written in all items of the boarders.
  19. Hostel number will be provided after admission.
  20. No private tuition shall be taken by the school teacher. Teachers will be most willing to help those weak in studies, during their free time in the school. Parents/Guardians should not approach the teachers in this regard.
  21. Regular Bible Studies are taken in the Pohkseh Presbyterian Church.