School Anthem

1. Climbing up the step of learning from our childhood life, We'll start from the very beginning, that must be our strife; Everyday we're growing, up and up we go, Fruits of success we're reaping in our mind to grow.

Chorus: Home, home, sweeet, sweet home
Is our Risa School
Here we never be alone
Living under one roof
High discipline the school maintains
With full cooperation
Right from the teachers to the students
We are all together. (As one)

2.Knowledge, wings and wisdom is our School motto, Our teachers like parents, Day by day we grow; March on maroon, white and grey, Love and peace we bring Till we reach the peak of success, Song of Victory we will sing.


About Us

Risa Higher Secondary School, situated in Lumbatngen, Law-U-Sib, Shillong was established on 01 February, 2000. Shillong the capital of Meghalaya, the "Abode of Clouds" is a picturesue of lush green hills, majestic mountain peaks, serpentine roads, beautiful waterfalls, whispering pines and salubrious climate. It has earned the well deserved sobriquet of 'Scotland of East.' The school is reconized by Meghalaya Board of School Education(MBOSE), Tura and runs classes from Nursery to XII. In a major Leap forward in exploiting technology, Co-Curricular activities along with scholastic pursuits are given due importance. Our vision is to inculcate values- personal, social, cultural, global and spritual at various levels, and to enable each child to blossom as a responsible and useful citizen of the country. To achieve these goals, the school has a dedicated and well qualified team of teachers and at the helm, an inspiring and confident Principal. Risa Higher Secondary School, Shillong stands ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow in the field of education.
English is the medium of instructions in Risa Higher Secondary School, Khasi or Additional English is taught as second language. Students of Class I-VII are taught Hindi as third Language.

Principal Message


Mr. D.P. Kanwar

Welcome to our Risa Higher Seconday School website. Risa Hr Sec School is a small co educational boarding school with 80 boarders and 400 dayscholars. Our small size is our strength as it allows us to foster a family friendly atmosphere where staff get to know all the children well. An experienced and highly skilled and committed staff work collaboratively to deliver quality education for our students. Staff have high expectations for all students. A range of sporting and cultural activities are available for students to pursue. We have optional singing and music lessons. Football and basketball coaching is given to the students by experienced coaches. Risa Hr Sec School has children from the different northeastern states of India. The presence of different north eastern students in our classrooms provides our children with rich cultural experiences and helps prepare them to be members of a global community. Enjoy looking through our website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions to be answered or would like a guided tour.

Risa Hr Sec School


Nursury to Secondary

Admission from Nursery to class IX are usually from october to december


Applications for admission into class XI are accepted from 1st week of May every year.